Furniture Removals

When it comes to Furniture Removals, one thing to keep in mind is that there is no reason for you to ever pay too much for a removal company. In fact you will find that even though we are affordable, we offer the same level of service as the most expensive names in the business. We do not and will not compromise on quality. Our experienced team treat your furniture with the same level of care they would their own, and you can therefore rest assured your belongings will arrive at their destination safely. We also understand that different people have different moving requirements, and therefore when you hire us, you can scale our service to meet your moving needs and budget.

If you have any further questions regarding our services, or would like to book, simply give us a call and we'll tailor a quote just for you.

We can tailor a service package to suit your needs. We offer free quotes on all of our services and offer a fully transparent and personal service. For more information regarding our moving services, get in touch with the Brian today.

Furniture removal is itself a major problem. It becomes worse you have to get it moved across the suburbs in Canberra. If the furniture has to be moved interstate, then it will pose more of a challenge. That is why you should leave this task to Mooney Moves. Mooney will take care of the planning process and even help you pack up the furniture. The entire process will be organised at the outset to make the removal easy.

Mooney knows that furniture removals are a major part when you are moving to a new house. There are so many pieces of furniture that need to be carefully packed and transported to ensure minimum of problems. You may have large lounge furniture or sizeable cabinets and big dining tables that need to be moved. Of course, you just cannot let amateurs handle these pieces of furniture which can be quite costly to replace. Mooney, on the other hand, has enough experience and capabilities when it comes to handling these heavy items.

You should remember that heavy furniture must not be moved with the proper precautions. Serious injury can be risked if you try to do it yourself. So avoid getting into any problems by letting the experts take care of the hard work. The removal equipment will be supplied as per the needs. Of course, the knowledge and experience also helps to ensure that the furniture removals are safe and fast. In order to make your furniture removals as safe and as quick as possible, a few steps will always be undertaken by Mooney.

Planning the Removal

Mooney will create a schedule for the removal at the earliest possible and inform you via an email or a call. Of course, all the necessary questions pertaining to the move will be asked such as the size of the furniture and the conveyance facilities of your house. After all, the staircase may prove to be a hindrance when moving certain kinds of furniture. It will also be of help when determining what materials to use for protecting the furniture. If you want, Mooney will even help you creating the list of furniture that needs to be moved.

Getting Ready

Once the procedure and schedule for removal has been finalised, you will receive confirmation call. After all, there is no need for you to be worried about the removal. Then, the items will be packed. Of course, Mooney will provide the boxes and other materials which you will need for the packing. Protection materials can also be provided. However, you will have to inform in advance if you do require such items.

Removing the Furniture

Mooney will help you pack the items if you want this particular service. Additionally, the items will be loaded onto the removal van in a planned and systematic manner. This will ensure that the items are giving the best level of protection during transportation. Moreover, the furniture will be loaded faster and with minimum problems during loading.

Customer satisfaction is important and Mooney is dedicated to providing the best services during the removal.