Method of Payment We offer our clients a range of convinient payment options

  • Paypal

    PayPal is the most trusted brand when it comes to transferring payments online. It is highly secure and is extremely convenient. You do not have to worry about carrying enough cash or worry about the credit card funds when making the payments for services rendered as PayPal facilities have been put in place.

  • Credit Card

    There is no longer any need to count cash so that you can make the payments. There is no need to search for an ATM to withdraw money either. Credit card facilities are available so that you can pay with a swipe. It is easy and convenient.

  • Bank Deposit

    If you are uncomfortable paying with credit cards or other forms of electronic payment, you do not need to worry. You can simply opt for the bank deposit payment method to reimburse Mooney Moves for the services you got. You can make the deposit from any bank whose services you use.

  • Money Order

    There can be certain cases where you are unable to pay for the services with credit cards, deposits or PayPal. You can feel uncomfortable with carrying around cash as well. In that case, you can always use money orders. They will be gladly accepted.

  • Cash / Eftpos

    There is always the option of cash in case you wish to make your payments that way. A receipt will be provided so that you can have proof. EFTPOS facilities are also available. After all, it is a convenient option for you do not have to carry cash around with you